Every child has a father, so when you finally come to the decision of having a DNA Paternity Test: you will to attain peace of mind about any doubts about whether an alleged child is yours or not.  We offer reliability and privacy of all parties involved on each case we do.  Our sample collection process has an accuracy of 99.99% on all our DNA test Nigeria results.






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We are now available to everyone in the country; with DNA Sample collection centres in most states in Nigeria. We can also courier DNA Test sample collection kits for self DNA sample collection if you are in areas we don’t serve directly.

Outside Nigeria DNA Test

Living outside Nigeria

If you live outside Nigeria we will send you a DNA test kit that will be delivered to your address in a discreet envelope. When you receive it please return the DNA samples to our DNA testing partner DDC for testing so we can precede with the second half of the collection in Nigeria.

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What is a Peace of Mind paternity DNA test?

A “peace of mind” paternity test is a paternity test in which the DNA samples are collected without the paperwork needed for a legal paternity test.  It’s characterised by either by our staff or partner collection of the genetic sample by the test participants.

Self-sample DNA collection

We also offer self-sample collection with a sample collection kit we send, and easy to follow instructions, you can collect the DNA samples from the parties involved—most often, the possible father and the child. We’ve made it very easy if you follow the steps described in the sample test kit or we can show you in our office so you can then perform it on the child/children to complete the requirements to perform DNA profiling and analysis for the two parties involved. You will return both samples to us so we can process it.

Peace of mind paternity tests cost less than legal paternity tests because there is no coordination of DNA collection and other features necessary for a legal document. Therefore, if peace of mind is the main aim,

Private paternity testing produces results that are not legally defensible in court because it is done seclusion. The advantage of this is that it can be done discreetly for your own knowledge only, especially if you don’t want other parties involved.

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Legal DNA Test


Legal Paternity DNA tests can be used in a court case, such as a child support, custody case or divorce.  Our legal tests follow a strict chain of custody to ensure integrity from the sample collection through testing at our laboratory to provide you with court-ready results.

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We have a broad range of solutions for DNA testing services to assist clients who need genetic testing for immigration purposes. With these services, we can provide the evidence of biological relationship needed to satisfy the requirements of Entry Clearance Officers. It can be used for UK, Canadian and most European embassies

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Paternity of a child can be found out while the excepting mother is 10 weeks pregnant by using non-invasive DNA sample collection, 100% safe prenatal paternity test which provides accuracy levels of up to 99.9% if the tested man is the biological father of the child.

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Sibling DNA Test

A siblingship test requires the participation of two alleged siblings. (Because of the complexity of the test, no more than two alleged siblings can be tested at the same time).  When a mother contributes a DNA sample, the laboratory can eliminate her contribution to her child’s genetic profile and focus on the father’s contribution.

Grandparentage Test

The required participants of a grandparentage test are the child and both grandparents on one side. Grandparent DNA testing is often initiated because of doubts about a missing or deceased alleged father’s paternity; therefore, most of these tests involve the participation of the alleged father’s biological parents. This is known as paternal grandparentage testing.

Avuncular Study (Uncle/Aunty DNA Test)

When the Alleged father nor both sibling and Grandparent’s aren’t available. We can  use Aunties and uncles on the alleged father side to find common family DNA strands that show a biological relationship with the child


Why use our service?


Our goal is for you to trust our DNA procedure and results, Paternity Test Nigeria have been in operation for close to a decade in Nigeria and we have dealt with close to 1000 cases.

Paternity Test Nigeria conducts our entire range of DNA tests with DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), which is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of private DNA testing services.

Every child has a father, so when you finally come to the decision of having a DNA test, there are a couple of factors to consider in choosing any laboratory service, see our reasons below.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t own or claim to operate a DNA Laboratory in Nigeria or outside, how we provide our services is through a partnership with DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC).  All samples received by us go to them for DNA testing and they also provide the final results, which will be forwarded directly to the clients without any alterations to the document.

For the purpose verification that we operate a genuine service for DNA testing please call our corporate partner DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), 1 DDC Way, Fairfield, OH 45014, United States on +1-800-929-0815 toll free & +1-513-881-4030 to check our association with them.

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